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Fix Kaspersky requires reboot after installing update going in a loop

Fix Kaspersky reboot loop problem

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Just noticed that my Kaspersky require a reboot since it installed some updates. That was strange since Kaspersky haven’t asked in a long time to restart computer after installing update. Assuming it’s a one-time occurrence, I restarted computer. After reaching the desktop, Kaspersky once again popped up asking for reboot to install update. This thing was happening in a loop.

Cause: This problem is created by a corrupted Kaspersky. There are plenty of reasons for Kaspersky to get corrupted. First of all, the attack from Virus and malware can corrupt the files associated with Kaspersky. Then there is problem with software getting corrupted during the process of updating. There is also possibility of file corruption from compatibility issues with Operating system and other third party software.

Solution: By trying out different troubleshooting steps, you are just wasting time and only doing a temporary fix to this problem.

The permanent fix to this problem is just remove Kaspersky and re-install it properly. Follow the steps in this order.

  1. Download Kaspersky uninstall tool
  2. Start the uninstallation process by opening the tool. While deleting, delete all data but select the option which allow Kaspersky to save your serial key and registration details.
  3. Restart computer.
  4. Go to Kaspersky website and re-install the version that was installed before.

The entire process might take 10 – 30 minutes depending on your computer speed and internet. But taking the time to re-install the software will make your computer more stable and less vulnerable to similar problems.

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