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Fix Mouse Scroll not working in Internet Explorer

fix corrupted internet explorer
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Do you have a problem with mouse scroll not working in Internet Explorer? This is not a mouse problem. It is an issue with some change in settings inside IE. The most probable culprit is IE add-ons. Add-ons and toolbars are considered the one which creates the maximum problem for web browsers. Here is how to fix mouse scroll not working in IE.

Try these steps in Internet Explorer

  • Press Windows Key + R to open the Run window
  • Type inetcpl.cpl. Click OK. This open Internet Options window
    internet explorer troubleshooting manage add-ons option
  • Under Programs Tab, click Manage add-ons
    internet explorer troubleshooting manage add-ons
  • Go through the list of add-ons. Disable add-ons one at a time or you can disable all add-ons which you think is not necessary or look suspicious. Then close the window and check if the IE is working fine.

Note: In my case, the issue was fixed after disabling Linkey add-on(Check the above image). Disabling the add-on also fixed an issue where the browser opened new links to Linkey website. Hope you might find a similar add-on on your browser.

If disabling add-on didn’t work, try resetting Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Options window
  • Go to Advanced Tab. Click Reset.
  • This will reset IE to original manufacturer settings. Once the reset is complete, open IE and check if the mouse is working fine.

Hope this article helped you fix mouse scroll not working in Internet Explorer. Use the comment section for any queries.

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  • Victore

    Disabled Logitech Setpoint add on fix the problem. Thank you.

  • Robin

    Michael – wherever you are – thank you! Nothing else worked for me (disabling add ons and re-setting IE). Disabling smooth scrolling did the trick.

  • Michael

    I fixed the issue by turning off the “Use smooth scrolling” option in the Browsing section on the Advanced settings tab.

    • S

      Thanks – worked for me A+ tip

  • Patti

    Hi! My mouse changed and flickered between the arrow and a flat hand (not the index finger icon). It was driving me crazy. It didn’t happen on Chrome – but I usually use IE. I disabled the add-ons as you suggested. Voila! The craziness continued on one web page I had opened- but for the most part – stopped. Thank you so much! I may reset IE just to see if that takes care of the problem completely.

  • Lev

    Thank you, Anup.
    I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

  • Mike

    Thank you! Resetting IE worked for me.

  • Interatia

    It worked, thank you so much!

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