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Fix problems with Facebook not loading properly

Fix problems with Facebook not loading properly

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Every week I get at least 15 requests regarding problems with Facebook not loading properly. It’s not surprising considering the fact Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 1.71 billion active users every month.

This article is about how to fix any problems with Facebook not loading properly. The troubleshooting steps are organized in step by step order to fix the problem from root level.

Possible reasons for Facebook not loading correctly

  • Problems with Internet connection: This is one of the main reason why Facebook is not loading properly. Check if you have problems with loading other websites. If other websites load fine, the problem is with Facebook and not internet connection.
  • Problems with too many temporary files and cache files: This is the most common reason I find Facebook is not loading properly. Too many temporary files interfere with the normal loading of Facebook page. Clearing the temporary files should fix these problems.
  • Problems with internet browser: This is the second most reason why Facebook fails to load properly. Most of these problems are related to plugins and browser extensions conflicting with web browser. Deleting this plugins and extensions should fix the problem. To check if this is a browser related problem, open Facebook in different browsers. If it happens only on one browser, this is a browser related problem.
  • Problems with virus or malware: This is the third most reason why Facebook have problems. Facebook users are tempted with lot of offers to download files and games. At least some of these files are malicious in nature. Some are malicious programs which is created to infect your computer and some are simply poorly coded programs which just don’t work well with browser.

Here are the detailed steps to fix Facebook not working

  1. Check Internet Connection

Check if there is any problem with internet connection. Simply load another website and check if it loads properly. If the other websites are not opening properly, this is a problem with internet connection.

Most internet issues can be fixed simply by restarting the system. I recommend shutting down the computer, then modem and router. Make sure they are turned off and there is no power supply for 5mts. This is to completely drain out electrical charges to make sure the device is reset properly. Start computer and check if internet is working properly.

Check this link to know more about problems with internet connection.

  1. Remove temporary files and cached files

Whenever a user visits a website, some files are downloaded automatically to the computer. These files are used as cache, so that the same website will load faster if the user visit the website second time. These cached files are no threat to your computer. But after a period of time, there will be too many temporary files which will start creating problems in your device. Too many temporary files eat up available free space which reduce the overall performance of your device. Also there is possibility that these files can interfere with the normal function of your browser. In some cases, these temp files may also carry malicious programs and scripts which are harmful to the device. In short, you need to do a cleanup of your computer which remove these temporary and cached files.

These files can be removed manually which can be time consuming. Alternately, it is better to use a cleaning software such as Ccleaner. Here is a detailed instruction on how to use Ccleaner to clean your computer like a professional service.

If the problem is on a mobile device, you may use a cleaning App to clean your device.

Once the cleaning up process is done, open your web browser and check if Facebook is loading properly.

  1. Check problems with Web browser

If the problem still exists, this should be a problem with browser. One of the first steps to do is an internet optimization. Even though internet optimization is done on Internet explorer settings, it also helps in correcting some common problems that happen to all browsers. Here is a detailed information on how to do an internet optimization. Once the step is complete, open your browser and check if the problem is fixed.

Check if the problem is fixed. If not, it is still possible that the browser add-ons or extensions is responsible for the problem. Do the steps for different browsers.

If the Facebook is not working on Internet explorer, try these steps.

  • To open internet explorer settings, press Windows Key + R for Run window – > Type inetcpl.cpl -> click Programs Tab -> click Manage add-ons -> Go through the list of all add-ons -> click on the add-on that is unknown or suspicious -> click on disable. Restart Internet explorer and check if the problem is fixed.
  • If the problem still exists, open internet explorer settings again. Go to Advanced Tab -> click Reset button. This will reset Internet explorer to original manufacturer settings which is guaranteed to fix most of the problems.

If the Facebook is not working on Chrome, try these steps.

  • Open chrome settings -> click on extensions -> Use the delete option displayed under each extension to remove any suspicious or unwanted extensions in the list. Check if the problem is fixed.
  • If still not fixed, go to chrome settings -> click Show advanced settings -> Click Reset settings. Restoring chrome to original default settings should fix the problem

If the Facebook is not working on Firefox, try these steps.

  • Open Firefox -> click Open Menu using the icon on the right side -> click Add-ons. There are 2 options – Extensions and Plugins. -> Go through the list of extensions and plugins under each section. Remove infected and unwanted entries. Restart Firefox and check if the problem is solved.
  1. Problems with virus or malware

If none of the steps fixed the problem, you need to check for malware activities on your computer. Make sure that your security software is running properly and have all the latest updates installed. Do a scan. Once the scan and cleaning of infected file is complete, check if the problem is fixed.

If your security software failed to find any infection, it is highly recommended that you install a second security software and check if it can find the infection. Remember, installing 2 security software at the same time is not recommended. In this case, it is alright to run the install the security software as the first one was unable to fix the problem. Once the scan is complete and its job is done, you can uninstall one of the security software to make sure it won’t create problem in the future.

Highly recommended software are the free versions of SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot Search & Destroy etc. Run a scan and remove the infections.

Once the scan is complete, check if the problem.

Hope this should help you in fix Facebook loading problems. Use the comment section to share your feedback or if you need any assistance in fixing the problem.

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  • Gaelle July 24, 2019, 2:03 pm

    Facebook doesn’t work in my Mac/Firefox:
    Facebook is only loading the blue top bar, everything else is blank and the buttons are not working (can’t see how to send you a screenshot).
    It works fine in my Windows laptop on Firefox (I use Mac on a daily basis), and in Chrome in my Mac.
    Tried: internet connection (Mac uses ethernet cable), updated Firefox, safe mode, cleared cache & cookies, disabling the Firefox Addons, no result. My Mac is continually checking for viruses.
    I hope you can resolve this issue for me.
    Many thanks.

    • Anup Raman July 24, 2019, 2:47 pm

      It seems the problem is only with Firefox since the internet connection is fine and chrome is also loading Facebook properly. I dont think this is a problem with virus/malware. This seems to be a problem only with Firefox.

      I suggest remove/uninstall Firefox completely and then install it back. To make sure all traces of Firefox is removed, try any free uninstaller and cleaning App for Mac. Then install Firefox and check the result.

  • jan March 13, 2019, 2:56 am

    Facebook dont want to scrol..its stuck and close down

  • Lacey sandra July 11, 2018, 4:53 am

    I keep getting kicked off fb. Only one message may pop up then will. Go before I get a chance to read it. Other people have had this happen as well. What is wrong???

    • Anup Raman July 11, 2018, 7:27 am

      I have to limit the possible causes because of not much information. Check this.
      Did you check if the problem happens in other web browsers? If it only happens in a particular browser, it’s the problem with browser. Usually re-installing the browser fix most problems.

  • Kathy hannigan June 17, 2018, 12:38 pm

    I have no feed with facebook

  • Hasan April 28, 2018, 4:45 pm

    nice post

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