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Fix Random Reboots in Android

random reboots Android

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One of the main reported problems with Android devices are the random reboots after using the device for some time. This can be an issue with the hardware or software. Here is an article to narrow down the occurrence of random reboots in Android. This is applicable to all Android-based devices.

Steps to fix random reboots in Android

Check for Overheating

Android devices are designed to shut down when it gets overheated. The overheating can be caused by the internal hardware, a busy device, defective battery or high temperature of the surrounding.

  • Check if there are any firmware updates which will fix the senseless overheating of hardware. (A friend of mine had an issue with serious overheating. All it took was a call to the manufacturer who guided him to install the latest firmware update which fixed the problem immediately.)
  • If the overheating is caused by a busy device, remove unwanted Apps if there are too many installed. Keep your device minimal by only enabling the services that are needed.
  • Change the battery if you think it overheats a lot
  • Avoid using your Android at high temperature.
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Check for any problem with Battery

Battery can be a potential reason for random reboots. Chances are, the battery is not properly seated inside the case. It might be loose and a small jerk can cause the battery to slightly come off the position, thus disconnecting the contact between the battery and the gold connector through which the charge flows. Another problem might be the position of the connector which may not be properly aligned with the battery’s contact point.

  • Check if the battery is able to move inside the case. If so, secure the battery properly by putting a paper below the battery. Check if that fixes the issue.
  • Check if the gold coated connector is properly in contact with the battery. Use a screwdriver to properly position the connector
  • If the phone is too old, check if the battery is working properly. Use a new or working battery and check if it is working fine.

Check the recently installed Apps

This is just like what happens in a computer. A poorly coded program can create a lot of problems. Check for the recently installed Apps inside the device. Try to remember, if the random reboot issue started after installing any particular Apps. Remove these Apps, maybe multiple Apps to make sure Apps are not creating the problem.

Keep a log to narrow down the problem

In Windows OS, if you face random reboot issues, you may check the event viewer logs which will be able to point out to the event which might have possibly triggered the reboot. There are Apps in Android like Reboot Logger which can help you in keeping logs of what happened. Looking at these logs, you will be able to narrow down to a possible culprit.

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Check for malicious programs or virus

This is the least suspect among all the above reasons. At the time of writing, there are no reported cases of a virus or malicious program shutting down your android device. But chances are, it might happen in future. It won’t hurt to install a free antivirus App and run a scan to find any potential infection.

Corrupted System software

There is a possibility that the version of Android is corrupted. If none of the steps above worked it is worth doing a factory reset to reset the device to original manufacturer settings. You will lose all data when you do it. So take a backup before doing a reset.

Defective hardware

At this point, you are out of options other than sending it for repair. Contact the Android device manufacturer or authorized dealers to get the hardware repaired.

Follow these steps to fix android random reboot issues. Use the comment section to share your experience here on how you get the problem fixed or other methods which can be tried to fix the problem.

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  • M August 28, 2017, 2:45 am

    Another reason: SIM-module. You can try to replace it. Also may help cleaning connection side of SIM-card.

  • Knut February 27, 2015, 9:30 pm

    You forgot my obvious number 1 reason: The SD card.
    This may have bad spots and the connectors may be bad. This last is solved by cleaning the connectors, rub them and snap it back. But if it is a cheap one you got, copy it all to a new “good” from a reputable manufacturer. It is extremely difficult to detect a poor SD-card.

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