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Fix Windows 10 Lock screen slideshow feature not working

troubleshoot windows 10 lock screen not working

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Windows 10 background slideshow seems to have stopped working in my computer after installing the latest 1308 update. It was only displaying one picture. The fix is simple. Here is how to Fix Windows 10 Lock screen slideshow not working.

Windows spotlight is responsible for showing background pictures on your screen. The program also seems to be very vulnerable to a variety of problems. Software conflicts especially third-party screensavers, conflicts with security software, the presence of too many junk files and messed up Windows updates are common culprits. For most of the problems, the simple steps below can help you fix the problem.

  • Open Settings (Windows key + I )
  • click Personalization
  • click Lock screen
  • Select Picture from the drop-down menu and then select a picture for the background.
  • Now open file explorer and navigate to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Packages\
  • Open the folder which starts with Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager
  • Open Settings. Remove whatever is there inside the folder
  • Go back to Lock screen window and select Slideshow instead of a picture

Note: It is essential to change Lock screen to picture as in Step 4. If the slideshow is still selected, it will refuse to clear the files inside Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager\Settings window.

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