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Fix Windows 8.1 0xC1900101-0x40017 error

fix Windows 8.1 0xC1900101-0x40017 error

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For Microsoft, it seems history is repeating again with release of Windows 8.1. It seems the 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 issue is widely reported and lot of users are disappointed with the latest update. Microsoft is currently working on the bug and yet to come up with a fix at the time of this writing.

I installed Windows 8.1 yesterday morning and got the same error. Unfortunately, I already made up my mind to have everything wiped out and install everything fresh. So I didn’t try any troubleshooting. Just did a Windows 8 clean installation, then installed 8.1. The installation was smooth and no error message. I am convinced that this is not an issue with Windows 8 or 8.1, but a conflict with device drivers or third party software.

Fortunately, today I got to work on another machine which had the same problem. The steps mentioned below are the steps that I tried and some suggestions from Microsoft community.

How to Fix Windows 8.1 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 error

  • Unplug all external devices except mouse and keyboard
  • Update your Graphics card. Nvidia, AMD and Intel have already released update for Windows 8.1. Check the link.
    Download and install it. Restart your computer.
  • Run ccleaner to clean your computer of temporary and unnecessary files. (I would even run the registry cleaner.)
  • Install Windows 8.1

If it failed

  • Uninstall graphics card. Do not restart after uninstall. (I did restart my computer after uninstalling NVidia driver. But after going through different forums, I agree it is better not to restart computer. Restarting computer allow Windows to automatically install the driver back again. So the advice does make sense)
  • Run ccleaner to remove trace of graphics related files
  • Try installing Windows 8.1

Try these recommendations if it failed again.

  • If you have Steel series software installed uninstall it. (There are lot of reported cases with this software. You will have to wait till they come up with an update.)
  • Remove security software if possible. (Security software can create lot of issues, so removing it is one less reason for windows to crash. I won’t worry about Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender since it is from Microsoft, but at times they can also create problems.)
  • Remember this is not an issue with Windows 8 or 8.1. If there is an issue, it has to be with a hardware driver or some third party software. You need to do some trial and error until Microsoft come up with some sort of hotfix.

Hopefully this will help you fix the problem. Good Luck.

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