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Free hard disk space by freeing rollback space in Windows 10

Free hard disk space in Windows 10

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Every time when Windows install a major update, it automatically installs a rollback option that let users reverse back to a state before installing the update where the computer was working fine. This is a clever fail-safe option from Microsoft. Windows updates have a long-standing history of screwing up settings inside computers which was working fine before installing the update. So having a rollback option is rightly justified by all means.

The problem with this fail-safe rollback option is that it consumes a lot of hard disk space on your computer. There are times when it takes up to 10GB – 15GB of hard disk space. In most cases, consuming this much space is ignored considering there is plenty of free space on your computer.  Also, these files are automatically removed by Windows eventually after making sure the OS is working and all the settings are proper in place.

But, what if there is not enough space on your hard disk? What if you need to squeeze every bit of hard disk space to keep working on your computer? One of the solutions is free up hard disk space that is meant for rollback option.  You may be able to free a couple of GB’s by removing temporary files and internet files. But removing the files used for rollback option can get you plenty of free space.

Remove rollback files from hard disk

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to System -> Storage
    3. On the right side, click on Storage Sense
    4. click on Free up space now the computer will go through a scan
    5. Once the scan is complete, got through the list. Check these options.
    • Windows upgrade log files
      Windows upgrade log files carry information that can be used to identify and troubleshoot problems during the process of upgrading or updating Windows.
    • Windows Update Clean-up
      Windows update clean-up carry a copy of older updates. This is to help in rollback options. But if everything in the computer is working fine, then delete the files in this section.
    • Temporary Windows installation files
      Temporary Windows installation files carry the leftover files from the previous installation.

Free hard disk space by freeing rollback space in Windows 10
Free hard disk space by freeing rollback space in Windows 10

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