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Gallery Go – A cheaper alternative to Google Photos from Google

Gallery Go - An alternate to Google Photos

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Google has expanded its line of Go applications, optimized for weak and low-cost Android devices. Gallery Go is new – an economical alternative to Google Photos, which takes up less memory than the full version, and includes features for working offline.

Gallery Go allows you to organize your media library on Android with an unstable Internet connection. As in Google Photos, machine learning algorithms help to group and organize images automatically. The program also knows how to improve the quality of the image by pressing a single button and apply filters. At the same time, it weighs only 10 megabytes.

The interface is also simplified. There is an option to make ‘Folder’ view as the default view. It’s easy to search as the photos are classified and kept in separate folders. For e.g, there is a separate folder for pictures taken using Camera.

You can download the App from the Google Play Store. Installation requires a device with a version of Android 8.1 Oreo and higher.

Gallery Go is part of the Android Go suite of applications targeted at owners of low-cost, low-memory devices, primarily from emerging markets. Google also launches the Files Go application, which allows you to quickly clean up the memory of your Android smartphone from garbage, the offline version of the YouTube Go video service and the simplified Google Go search application.

Even though the App is released for low-cost Android Phones, the App is becoming popular among high-end phone users who hate Google Photos.

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