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GeekUninstaller: Free and Portable Uninstaller to remove any program without leaving any trace

uninstall using GeekUninstaller

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GeekUninstaller is a third party uninstaller tool that can be used to remove programs from a computer leaving no trace of installed software. The software is free and portable means you can directly run the program from a USB memory stick without installing the program.

Every program installed in your computer comes with its own uninstaller. When it’s time to uninstall a program, the uninstaller helps the program to get uninstalled. But in some cases, these uninstaller fails to work properly. Most common reasons are the program and uninstaller is corrupt, a conflict with another software is preventing the uninstallation or it can even be because the software validity expired.

This creates a situation where the software cannot be removed from a computer normally. Usual error messages include uninstaller is corrupt or a file is missing which prevent the software from being removed.

How to remove programs that refuse to get uninstalled

If a program refuses to get uninstalled, this is what you can do.

  1. Remove programs manually

You can remove the program manually by deleting the files and folders from where it is installed. There are 2 major challenge associated with manual method.

The files and folders associated with the program may refuse to get deleted as the program is still running in the background. In this case, you need to restart the computer in safe mode and the try to remove those files.

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When a program is installed, apart from Program Files folder some entries are automatically entered inside the Registry and some files inside system folder. In some cases, there can be 100’s of files in these locations. It is a herculean task to track down and delete each entry.

  1. Remove programs using Third party uninstallers

All the challenges that you may face when removing program manually is taken care of by third party uninstallers. They will automatically scan and find the associated files with a program in all locations including Program Files, Registry and system folders. Also, if the normal uninstaller is corrupt, it helps in removing the corrupted uninstaller as well.


GeekUninstaller is a compact and light weight uninstaller that works great even on older machines. The program is portable, so it is not necessary to install – just download the file with the application, unzip it and you can start work. The executable .exe file can be saved to a portable USB flash memory drive or the cloud, for example, Dropbox or OneDrive to save space on your computer.

The program is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

The program instantly scans your computer to find the programs and presents them in a simple list. The scan is fast and takes a few minutes to complete the scan. The scan is generally more thorough than most of the free uninstallers. Since the uninstaller is not loaded with lot of stuffs, the program is fast and do not use much RAM.

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Just right click on the program that you need to uninstall. Here are the available options.

  • Right click on the program, click Uninstall. Once a program is selected to remove, the uninstaller runs a deep scan to find the files and registry and remove the program.
  • In case, if the program failed to remove, you can use the option Force Removal which force the program to get uninstalled.
  • If you are not sure about the program that you want to uninstall, click Program Website which will connect you online to the program website to get the details. Once you have the details, it will easy to decide to delete or keep a program.
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