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Get to know of Android Dress Code Malware

Android Dress Code Malware

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There is one more malware that is making news by infecting Android devices. The main source of infection is from the infected Apps in Google Play Store. The new malware is named DressCode.  The malware is identified as a Trojan which is incorporated in at least 3,000 Android infected apps in Google Play Store. The Trojan is considered notorious for stealing sensitive data from corporate networks. The details were revealed by security software specialist, Trend Micro. According to company, the malware is already detected in themes, games and other performance optimizing Apps.

As of now, Trend Micro identified 3000 Apps in Google Play Store with infected malware. The number is reported to be 10 times higher than the malware detected by Check Point Software Technologies in mid-September. Trend Micro estimates that these infected Apps have been installed between 100,000 and 500,000 installations. Once the malicious code integrated App is installed inside your device, it waits for the command from the malware developer’s server to start its job.

Types of Malware that can infect your computer

What makes Dress Code malware dangerous

The biggest threat from DressCode is its ability to infiltrate a network and infect connected devices. The malware is used to infect a device first. It then converts networks into botnets. Botnets are network of computers which are infected without the knowledge of device owners. These network of computers act as zombies that are used for criminal activities such as starting a distributed denial of service (DDoS), hacking into classified details etc.

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What makes it more threatening is the fact that more and more employees are now allowed to carry their personal computers and smartphones to connect to corporate networks to sync files and tasks for their official purpose. More companies are encouraging the practice of using personal devices which use programs known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mainly for hardware cost cutting. But, encouraging this is going to spread the malware attack further.

Trend Micro Researchers have found the malware attack mainly in network of companies mainly in United States, Russia, France, Israel, Ukraine and other countries.

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