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Google Chrome latest version to consume less RAM and perform faster

less ram used by google chrome

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the market at the time of writing followed by Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When it comes to Chrome, even the ardent chrome supporters have no problem admitting to high RAM usage which eventually leads to slow performance.

With the release of Chrome version 53, the browser introduced new technology called Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). This is a new Microsoft technology which helps in prioritizing functions inside Chrome browser.

Advantages of PGO

Chrome browsers contains millions of functions. Some of these functions are used frequently and some less frequently. Chrome keeps track of all these functions. PGO then optimizes the functions that is frequently used by either optimizing the codes or increase the binary size. The increase in binary size is balanced by optimizing less used functions and reducing their binary size.

Another feature of PGO is optimizing the memory allocation when the code is executed. More used functions are moved to frequently accessed area of memory.  By positioning the more frequently used codes in optimum location, the codes are executed much faster by the CPU. This result in fast performance.

By using PGO technology, chrome browser is capable of opening up 16.8% faster, the new tabs by 15% and site load time by 6%. These changes may not be big, but all the changes combined together is sure to make the Chrome look much better than previous versions.

Which version of Chrome have PGO

The PGO technology is available from Chrome 53 if you use a 64-bit operating system. But if your operating system is 32-bit, GPO is available from Chrome 54.

Check Chrome version

If you are not sure about the version of Google Chrome,

  • open Chrome -> click 3 dots on the top right
  • Click Settings -> click About on the left side

The Chrome version will be displayed in this location. Once About option is opened, it automatically initiates a Chrome update checking and install the latest version if available.

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