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Google Redirect Rootkit – How to Remove Google Redirect Rootkit

remove google redirect virus

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Google redirect rootkit is the actual term that should be coined to google redirect infection. Virus is a general term which is usually associated with any type of computer infection. When the infection first started creating havoc on internet, everybody suspected it as a virus as not much details about the infection was know at that time. After more research on the topic, it is now clear as to what is behind this infection. This article will give you an insight on one of the most complicated computer infection of all time.

Google redirect as we know is actually caused by rootkit. The initial symptoms of this infection start from browser redirection. Once the infection gets inside computer, your web browser will start redirecting to commercial websites or a hackers website. The creator of this infection does this for financial gains. The programmers of this infection, code it in such a way that every time you try to go to a certain website, you will be redirected to a website which might be advertising related. Or else it might be a website designed in such a way that an unsuspecting viewer might be tempted to enter his personal information. In either ways, the malicious programmer will be benefited from the results.

Google redirection is not related to any website or a web browser. Usually when someone wants to find information through internet, they use www.google.com for search. It is natural to use google as it is the most popular search engine on the internet. Since majority of internet users prefer google, they coined the term google redirect. This infection can also happen with other popular search engines such as www.bing.com, www.yahoo.com, www.askjeeves.com etc. Also this infection is not associated with any browser. This can happen to popular browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, chrome, Opera, safari etc. Initially, you might notice that browser redirection is happening on one browser, but not the other one. But if you don’t try to fix it, sooner the infection will spread to other browsers and finally you might end up not able to use any of the browsers installed in your computer.

Google Redirect Virus – Step-by-step manual removal guide (latest update)

Google redirect rootkit is a master when it comes to hiding inside your computer. When we turn on computer, operating system files are loaded during boot up process. Rootkit files are usually seen attached to system files deep inside the operating system. As a result rootkits also gets activated and that too, deep inside from the kernel level inside the operating system.  From there on rootkits just work like a typical process running inside the computer.  This makes it very hard to find google redirect rootkit and even if you find it, it is difficult to remove as the rootkit related process is running in computers and usually won’t allow you to remove it without turning of the PC. This is why rootkits are generally considered the toughest infection to fix among all the infections.

How to get rid of google redirect rootkit?

First of all, you need to understand that it is not your fault that the infection got inside the computer. Most computer users will have installed some sort of protection to protect their computer. Unfortunately in case of google redirect rootkit, some of the biggest names in security software is not able to prevent this infection from getting inside. Actually there are not much softwares which can guarantee you 100% solution to redirect rootkit.

You can use any of these methods to get rid of google redirect rootkit

  • Run a scan using free security tools available online. Please do understand that free security tools can sometimes be hard on the operating system causing it to crash after running scan to cure the infection. To be on the safer side, do backup important data before running scan.
  • Try to remove infection manually. Check this article on how to remove google redirect rootkit manually. This is very effective and safe, but not everyone find it comfortable to follow the steps. There is a step by step detailed video in the end which will help you in following the steps.
  • Get professional help from people specializing in removing google redirect rootkit. These are professional tools and the solution is quick and easy. But it comes with a small price tag, far better than what you might end up paying for a tech shop repair.

Hope you find this information helpful. Take action now and get issue fixed before it does more damage on your computer.

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  • Nancy Noe January 7, 2013, 1:49 am

    Thank you Anup!!! I am your biggest fan. No one in the IT dept. where I teach could figure this out–luckily I have a month off to investigate all my computer issues. I am deeply grateful.

  • Tammy November 21, 2012, 12:21 am

    Thanks for your help. This was very helpful. I had too many infection listed inside ntbt. So I went with your professional service. The computer is now clean and I can feel the performance improved after removing the infection. Your suggestions were incredible. Wish I could cook a turkey for you.

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