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Hannspree HS329PQB Monitor – Review and Buyers Guide

Hannspree-HS329PQB review

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Hannspree HS329PQB is a relatively cheap monitor to buy with the best features. The monitor comes with a 31.5-inch display, a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (QHD) and even an integrated stereo sound system. The most important technical details at a glance:

Hannspree HS329PQB Monitor  Design

Assembling the monitor is very easy. First, the leg must be secured with two screws and then the foot with another screw. Screws and screwdrivers are included. We recommend laying the monitor flat on the display. Then the work is done in a few minutes. The base is really solid and makes a high quality and (which is even more important) a very stable impression. Once placed on the table, the monitor has an excellent grip. Theoretically, it can also be attached to the wall using a 100 × 100 mm VESA mount.

The design of the Hannspree HS329PQB is quite simple. Above and on the sides there are narrow, black edges to see. The lower edge, however, is slightly thicker and held in silver, as well as the base. On the back, you will find a slightly larger manufacturer logo. However, there is no striking lighting or other color accents. The screen is just more in the office and not necessarily in the home gaming room.

Hannspree HS329PQB Connection

The connections are all on the back and lead down. To the left of the base, viewed from the front, the power cable can be accommodated. To the right of the base, there are two HDMI ports (1.4), a DisplayPort input (1.1) and an audio port. In addition, there are six buttons attached: With the bottom, the monitor can be switched on and off. With the remaining five buttons we can navigate through the menu.

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Hannspree HS329PQB Menu navigation

The menu is not exactly a feast for the eyes, but very well arranged. In a few simple steps, you will find all the essential points: There are some predefined display profiles and also various, manual adjustment options, from the color representation to the image sharpness. In addition, you can choose between the individual input signals via the menu, if you have connected several devices at the same time.

Hannspree HS329PQB Display & Sound

For the display, Hannspree relies on a matte IPS panel, which thanks to the QHD resolution can display all the contents clearly. We could not find disturbing reflections. The viewing angle is very generous. Even when viewed from the side, all the important details can be recognized. The color presentation is also convincing: 100% sRGB color space and 79% Adobe color space coverage should also be sufficient for hobby designers.

Unfortunately, the image of the Hannspree HS329PQB is not particularly bright, which is noticeable especially towards the edges. For office activities, there should be no problems. In the darkened room, colors and contrast are best shown. Then the monitor is also perfect for watching series or movies. A little unfortunate is the limited ergonomics of the screen. Although it can be tilted a bit, a height adjustment or a pivot function you look in vain.

In the darkened room: A very nice, sharp picture – even when viewed from the side
For gamers, the monitor is only limited: First, the reaction time of 4 ms is not optimal and on the other hand it provides only a refresh rate of 60 hertz. So if you are a passionate player, you better look for an alternative.

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The integrated stereo sound system clearly falls into the category “better than nothing”. The sound is very tinny, depths are virtually non-existent and you do not want to do the full volume at all. The speakers are nice for an emergency, but for everyday use, you should definitely get some decent boxes. Especially if you want to use the monitor additionally as a TV replacement.

Basically, the Hannspree HS329PQB convinces. The narrow design looks extremely noble, the large screen is perfect for everyday office use and thanks to QHD resolution, all content is displayed sharply. Also in terms of color and contrast, the monitor gives a very good picture.

However, he also brings with him small weaknesses. The display should still be a little lighter and a few ergonomic customization options would also be nice. In addition, the speakers are really only suitable for emergencies, but hey: better than no speakers!

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