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HDD,SSD or SSHD – Which is the right storage for you?

HDD,SSD or SSHD storage

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Which is the right hard drive storage for my computer? A very common question to anyone who is planning to buy a new computer or upgrade an existing one. There are multiple answers to the question. If you ask me, I prefer SSD over other storage types for its performance. But this may not be acceptable in other scenarios. I will try to explain and help you decide which is the right storage type for you.

Types of Hard Disk Storage

Right now, hard disk market is full of choices. You have 3 main technology when it comes to hard disk mainly – HDD, SSD or SSHD.

  1. HDD (Hard Disk Drives)

This is the most popular of all hard disk types in the market. Inside hard disk, there are multiple physical disks which store information. These disks run at high speed. The data inside the disk is read by a moving read-write magnetic head.

HDD’s are reasonably priced. The latest HDD’s are capable of carrying high capacities, some of them even capable of carrying 16 TB space.  HDD’s are easily available in the market. It also lasts longer than other technologies.

HDD also comes with disadvantages. HDD consume more power than SSD. Data reading on HDD is not as fast as SSD. HDD is bulkier, so less ideal in laptops.

  1. SSD (Solid State Drive)

SSD does the same job as HDD, but the difference is how data is stored. Instead of storing data on physical drives, SSD uses interconnected flash memory to save data. This memory is capable of retaining stored data even when there is no electricity.

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SSD is faster than HDD. Since there are no physical parts involved and everything is electronic, SSD is many times faster than HDD. The overall boost in performance as a result of simultaneous data access, quicker bootup, faster file transfers makes it the most favored for performance enthusiasts. SSD’s are also favored for its smaller form factor. SSD’s are durable than HDD, but its lifespan is lesser than HDD.

SSD technology is still in development. As of now, maximum space for an affordable SSD’s is in 1TB range. SSD is very expensive.

  1. SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive)

SSHD is a hybrid between HDD and SSD. Basically, SSHD is an HDD with a small amount of SSD inside it. The small amount of SSD is normally in the range of 6 – 8 GB. HDD and SDD drives are not displayed separately when an operating system is installed. Which files are stored in HDD and which ones in SDD is determined by a controller chip based on the file importance and frequency of its usage.

Which Hard disk is right for you?

  • SSHD with HDD + SSD is costlier than an HDD drive but cheaper than buying an SSD. So, if you are looking for a better performance under the limited budget, go for SSHD. Another reason is when you only have a single rack to attach storage disk, SSHD is a better choice.
  • SSD drivers are your best choice if you are looking for the best performance at any cost. SSD drives are available in TB, but it may not be enough for some buyers. You can add an additional HDD for additional storage.
  • HDD is ideal for the budget-minded buyer and also someone with an old computer. HDD are compatible with all type of computers. HDD may not be as fast as SSD, but it is still fast. A normal user and gamers may never be able to differentiate the performance difference other than the initial booting time. HDD also provide users with maximum storage space at a lower price.
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Hopefully, this article should help you take a better decision on which type of hard disk to buy.

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