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Here are some useful shortcuts for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts

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Are you a Mozilla Firefox browser power user? Would you like to perform functions more quickly on Firefox browser? Then here are some useful shortcuts which you may not know till now, but is going to be very useful in future.

Go to Address bar

You may want to go to address bar and enter a website name directly. One way to reach the address bar using keyboard is to continuously keep tapping the Tab key on the keyboard till the cursor highlight reach the address bar. This take a little time and may confusing for some users.

Press Ctrl + L to directly highlight the address bar.

Returning to the top

If you are tired of scrolling up after visiting a long page, there is a shortcut to immediately reach the top of the page.

Press Home button to navigate to top of page.

Close a Tab

This is one shortcut that I frequently use. Remember the situation when you have many tabs open at the same time. You can click on the individual X mark to close a window. But the X is so small that there is a possibility of accidental closing of tab. Safer side is to use keyboard shortcut.

Press Ctrl + W to close a tab.

Scroll through a page

It’s easy to scroll a page using the mouse wheel. The same can be done using a keyboard.

You can use the up and down arrow key to scroll through a page. Some users may find it a little slow. To a faster scrolling, press spacebar to scroll down the page.

Add a page to favorites

There are situations where you may want to visit a particular site later for future reference or you currently have no time to go through the contents, but want to visit later. The solution is to bookmark the page for future reference.

Press Ctrl + D to open the Bookmark window. Once the window is open, hit Enter to save the webpage.

Open download page

From time to time, you may want to open the download page. Maybe you want to check the status of a download, find the downloaded file or open a downloaded file.

Press Ctrl + J to open download page directly.

Find words or section

You may have lot of contents on a webpage or there is a big list in the page and you want to find a particular term from the content. The solution is to use the Find button and enter the search term inside the search box.

Ctrl + F is used to open Find window.

I will keep updating this post to add more shortcuts. Please share if you have any shortcuts that can be added to this article.

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