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How hackers are capable of stealing fingerprints from Photos

stealing fingerprints from photos

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This is a disturbing news in lot of ways. Biometric data was considered very secure. It is not easy to recreate biometric data. Features like fingerprint are unique to every person and there is no chance of anyone having the same fingerprint. With the advancement in technology, more devices and websites now support biometric data such as fingerprint for secure login.

Recent research from National Institute of Informatics, Japan proved fingerprints are not that secure as it was though to be. Modern cameras and even mobile phone cameras are capable of capturing images with high resolution and clarity. If the picture captured is within 3 metres away from the person, it is possible for hackers to extract fingerprint from these photos. For e.g., If photo is taken of a person showing peace sign on a high-resolution camera with enough light, the hacker can use special software to scan these pictures and obtain fingerprint of the person.

The problem of stealing biometric data from photos was reported as early as 2014. A hacker Jan ‘Starbug’ Krissler used a high definition picture of German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen’s fingerprints. It’s unimaginable to think about the consequences if the data reach wrong hands especially of a person who hold such an important position.

Since the security experts are aware of this problem, hopefully there will be an added level of security on fingerprints to avoid misuse of data.

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