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How to Access Restore Point in Windows 10

system restore windows 10

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System restore is a very useful feature that was introduced in Windows XP. System restore allow Windows to create a snapshot of a computer’s state when it is working fine. If something goes wrong, you can use the saved restore point to bring your computer back to normal.

Restore points are created either automatically or created manually by a user. Every time when Windows go through major change such as installing windows update, uninstall or re-install hardware or software, it automatically creates restore point. This is done because the above actions may lead to a computer crash.

Turn on Restore Point in Windows 10

  • Right click on This PC
  • Click System protection
  • Click Configure
  • Enable Turn on system protection

You can also use the same option to disable system protection.

How to access system restore from desktop shortcut in Windows 10

  • Right click on desktop
  • Click New and shortcut
  • Type %windir%\system32\sysdm.cpl
  • Click Next
  • Give a name something like “system restore”

This will create a system restore icon on the desktop. To access system restore, you need to double click on system restore icon, then click on system protection.
windows 10 system restore shortcut

How to access system restore from search window

  • Click on Ask me anything
  • Type system restore
  • In the search result, Create a restore point

windows 10 open system restore windows 10
This will directly open System Restore window.

Unfortunately, system restore cannot be added on Start menu. It is possible using a tweaking software like Restore Point Creator. However, be careful in using these third-party software’s. Since the process involves making changes to registry and system files, there is a slight possibility of system crash. So better take a backup and make the changes.

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