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How to avoid Automatic Updates Mac

avoid Automatic Updates Mac

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Apple release updates regularly to keep software and hardware work optimally on their machines. These updates include latest updates for the MacOS, fix bugs, optimizations for hardware etc. These updates are very important and are released on a regular basis. By default, the Mac is configured to install these updates automatically. But at times, Mac users may want to disable these updates.

Why disable automatic updates in Mac

Knowing the benefits of keeping the Mac updated, it is highly recommended to keep it turned on. However, there are situations where you may have to disable these updates. Here are some scenarios where you may have to turn of automatic updates In Mac.

  • Some people like to keep track of what is getting installed on the Mac. They would like to know what is getting installed before downloading it. They prefer Mac to just show the list of available updates. They can later decide whether to download and install it later.
  • Some people like to install updates at a certain period of time when they have free time or when the bandwidth is at its maximum. For e.g., they don’t want to install update in their office time when busy working on their Macs. They don’t want the updates to force you restart the machine and make changes interrupting work.
  • If you are out of free space inside SSD or hard disk space, you may want to backup important files and free up disk space. It is not recommended to install these updates when the system is clogged. You may have to schedule automatic updates on Mac at a later time.
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Disable automatic update Mac

  1. Go to System Preference
  2. Go to App store
  3. Uncheck the box Install app updates
avoid Automatic Updates Mac
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