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How to bookmark a registry key for quick access

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Registry is one important and delicate area in an operating system. There are thousands of keys and sub-keys. So if you are not sure about the location of a particular key, it might take some time to find out which you have to live with.

Just like bookmarking websites, you can also bookmark a registry key. For e.g. if you frequently go to a certain registry key and make changes constantly, it is possible to bookmark that key.

  • Click Windows Key + R to open Run Window
  • Type regedit to open registry editor
  • Open the registry key that you would like to open periodically.
  • Click on Favourites on the top. Then click add to favourite. Name it appropriately.

how to bookmark a registry key for quick access

Next time you want to open that registry location, click on the bookmark and the location will be opened automatically. You can have multiple bookmarks saved, but name it appropriately to differentiate between multiple entries.

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