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How to boost Wi-Fi signal from Router

boost Wi-Fi signal from Router

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A quality Wi-Fi signal is essential for getting seamless non-interrupted connection. Wi-Fi signals can get deteriorated very easily for factors such as interference of other objects and distance from the device.

Here are some tips to boost Wi-Fi signal from Router

  1. Check the placement of your Wireless Router

    Placement of Wireless Router is very important in determining the signal strength. If the position where the router is placed is blocked by walls and other metallic objects, the signal is either blocked or it gets deteriorated as you move away from source.

You need to place the router in a place where there is less interference. You can also use a free tool called Heatmapper. Register on their website and download the tool. The tool can help you create a heat map which can help you in determining the optimum position to place the router for maximum coverage. If you need more instructions on how to use this tool, search YouTube with keyword “how to use heatmapper” for more details.

  1. Upgrade Wi-Fi

You might be using a high speed internet connection from ISP. But if you don’t have a wireless router which supports the latest technology, the router becomes the bottleneck in enjoying the benefits of a high speed connection.

At the time of this writing, most routers use 802.11n which supports upto 450 Mbps of data transfer rate. While the latest 802.11ac supports almost double the data transfer rate of previous version.

Another trick is to buy a router which supports dual band – one that operate at 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. Most of the common routers transmit data at 2.4 GHz. In areas, where lot of routers are used, for e.g, public places, apartments etc., this can lead to conflicts and interference with other routers which reduce the quality of signals transmitted by your router. Change the frequency to 5.0 GHz where there is less interference and you can see the improvement in quality of signal.

  1. Get an external antenna

External antenna is another way to improve signal strength. This method is recommended if the router is immovable.

There are 2 type of antenna – omnidirectional and high gain. The first type broadcasts signal in all directions, while high gain is used to transmit the enhanced signal in only one direction. Omnidirection is good if you have many users and they might be placed anywhere around the Wi-Fi source. High gain is recommended if the intended user or users is going to be sitting in any one direction.

  1. Get a Wi-Fi extender

Wi-Fi extender is a good option, if you are in a big room and you want to extend Wi-Fi coverage. Place the Wi-Fi extender near to router. The extender will login to router and then boost the signals for extending coverage area.
Hope you find the article useful. Use comment section for more queries.

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