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How to Change Default File Saving Location for Windows Libraries?

Location for Windows Libraries

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By default Windows OS saves it file in a specific default location. Usually documents are saved inside Documents folder. Similarly pictures, music and videos are saved inside their respective folders inside the Windows Libraries. Windows libraries is usually located inside the %systemroot% location which in most cases is usually the C: drive, where the Operating system is located. This is okay, but at times it comes with some disadvantage.

Disadvantage of saving files in default Windows Libraries

By saving files inside the windows libraries by default eventually leads to filling up of available free space in the root drive (drive where OS is installed). Reduction of free space in root drive interferes with the normal functioning of Operating system, cause problems with updating OS and other softwares.

The reduction of space in root directory can reduce the performance of your computer

If the OS crash for some reason and not recoverable, it will be difficult to retrieve the files saved inside the root directory. However you have more chances of saving files saved in locations other than the root directory.

How to change default location of windows libraries for saving files?

  • Click Start -> Search -> Type libraries. This will show the documents, pictures, music and videos location
  • Right click on one of the library item such as music -> select Properties
  • Click Include Folder
  • Browse to a location other than root directory where you want to save the file. Create or select a folder in that location where you want to save the files from now on. Then click include folder button.
  • You should be able to see the new location listed under Library Locations
  • Remove the previously listed default locations

Repeat the same process for other library items.

From now on, the files will be saved inside the new default location for windows libraries.

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