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How to Change or Add New Windows Media Player Skin?

Change or Add New Windows Media Player Skin

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Windows Media Player by default is not that attractive mainly because of its dull look and consumes a lot of screen space. The solution is to change Windows Media Player skin. There are some default skins available for Windows Media Player which lot of users are not aware of.

Change Windows Media Player Skin

  • Open Windows Media Player
  • Press Ctrl + M to reveal the hidden menu
  • Click View -> Click Skin Chooser
  • You can select either the standard or corporate. My choice is corporate as it is smaller and consume less screen space

How to add additional Windows Media Player Skin?

  • Under the Skin Chooser window, click More Skins button bar. This will connect you to Microsoft’s WMP site. You can choose the skin of your choice and click download link.
  • Click Open and click Yes to install the skin. Close it once finished.
  • Go back to the Skin Chooser window where the new skin will be listed there.
  • In case if you want to go back to the default skin, scroll the mouse around to get an option “Return to Full Mode”

Enjoy windows media player skin available on Microsoft’s website.

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