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How to check if Windows 10 have the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed

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I spent almost 3hrs downloading and installing the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update. Lot of updates were downloaded and installed, multiple restarts were done and in the end there was a message confirming updates were successfully installed. However, there was no acknowledgement whether the update installed is the normal update or the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

For e.g., The earlier versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7), all had updates similar to Anniversary update namely Service Pack (SP). You had multiple updates SP1, SP2 etc. Once these update is installed, you may acknowledge it easily by simply checking My Computer Properties. Unfortunately, Windows 10 don’t directly tell you if you have Windows 10 Anniversary update installed.

Here is how to find if Windows 10 Anniversary Update is installed

  1. Check PC properties

Right click on this PC in windows explorer. Click Properties.
Check under Windows edition. If it is ©2015, it is before the Anniversary Update and ©2016 is after installing Anniversary update. Check the image below to see both versions.
before installing windows 10 anniversary update
after installing windows 10 anniversary update

  1. Run Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is available for download when doing updates. Once the installation process is completed, run it again and check if there are any more updates.

After running Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant
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