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How to Check Security Software is working properly

Check Security Software is working properly

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As a computer technician, one of the frequently reported problems are the ones that is caused by presence of virus and malware. In most cases, it was diagnosed that security software has stopped working or somehow got disabled without owners knowledge. Yes, it is possible that your security software may look like running, but it may not be.

The problem with security software getting disabled or stop working in most cases, is the owner may never know there is a problem until it is too late. There may not be any error message or software crash that indicate a problem. The owner may continue checking mails, banking transactions and may download suspicious files and programs in the process. Finally, you reach a point when there is lot of infections in your computer putting your privacy and device at risk.

Possible reasons for security software may stop working or getting disabled

  • Security Software may have crossed the expiry date and needs to increase validity period. This is common for users with older computer. They may have disabled the alert reminding the expiry date or the software itself may have stopped showing it.
  • Security Software may get corrupted after installing updates. These updates may be related to the security software itself or operating system. Some of these updates may interfere with the normal function of these security software. In most cases, these conflicts may show an error message. But some cases, the software may get so corrupted that they completely freeze over and won’t show any more errors.
  • Viruses and Malwares are capable of disabling or crashing your security software. Most of the cases happen when a user accidentally download and execute a malware program. Once executed, these programs will try to disable or crash your security software to make sure they are not controlled by security programs.

How to check if your Security Software is working properly

    1. Go to this EICAR link for artificial virus file creation. EICAR stands for European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research.
check security software working properly
  1. Copy and Paste the contents inside the link to a Notepad
  2. Save the file to your desktop under the name eicar.com
  3. Close the Notepad
  4. Now Run the eicar.com file

If the security software is running properly, you will get a message that a Malware was detected. It will ask you with proceeding to remove and disinfect the device.

If the security software did not throw out any message related to Malware or Virus, your security software is not working. Open security software and check if the software is properly configured and running. Try to update the security software. If this didn’t work, simply uninstall and reinstall your security software. Also, remove if you have multiple security programs installed in the device as this might create conflicts.

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