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How to Connect SkyDrive as a Network Drive?

Connect Microsoft SkyDrive as a Network Drive

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SkyDrive is the cloud computing service from Microsoft. This is one of the best cloud services available in this category. Depending on when you joined, you might be having a 7GB online space (new users) or 25GB online space (for old users) of free space when you joined. It is easy to upload and access files in SkyDrive. Connecting to SkyDrive for uploading or accessing file is very easy. All you need is a web browser and connect it to your SkyDrive account. But don’t you think it will be cool to have the SkyDrive connected to your computer as another drive in your computer, like the c:\ drive or d:\ drive. To upload files, all you need is to drag and drop files inside the SkyDrive drive. To access files, simply open the SkyDrive drive and select the file. This tutorial will help you in configuring the SkyDrive as a network drive.

Find the identification ID for your account

Connect to SkyDrive using your web browser. On the web browser, you should be able to find an address which looks like https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=abcdefgh12345678. Note the 16 digit cid which is the identification for your account.

Connect SkyDrive to look as a network drive

  • Right Click on “My computer”
  • Select “Map Network Drive”
  • Assign any drive letter you wish
  • Enter the location

The location is entered as \\server\share where server is the SkyDrive server and share is you cid
Enter the server name as \\[email protected]
Share name is your cid eg. abcdefgh12345678.
Then Click on “Finish”.

You will have to sign in to SkyDrive one more time for the drive to appear in Windows Explorer. Now you should be able to see your SkyDrive as a network drive.

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