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How to Delete all Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

Delete all Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

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If you have an Amazon Echo speaker, you’ll find out how convenient its built-in Alexa voice assistant can be. Alexa allows us to do things that were previously classified as science fiction, such as turning off our smart light sources, activating security cameras and ordering a taxi – all in one voice.

This convenience comes with a trick; It recently came to light that Amazon employees can listen to the conversations of the speakers of Amazon Echo’s users with Alexa and that these records can be kept by the company for an indefinite period of time, and in some cases are transmitted to third parties.

Amazon claims that Echo owners can “view, listen to, and delete voice recordings associated with their account using Voice History, available in the Alexa application and the Alexa Privacy Center.”

Amazon said in a statement: “When a customer deletes a voice recording, we delete the transcripts associated with the customer’s account for both the customer’s request and the Alexa response.”

“We have already removed these transcripts from all of the major Alexa storage systems, and we are committed to ensuring that these transcripts do not remain in any of the other Alexa storage systems.”

Although Amazon does not exactly guarantee that your records and transcripts of these records will be erased forever, there are some things you can do to remove them from your side.

Remove Voice Recordings  using Ask Alexa

One of the easiest ways to delete your voice recordings is to ask Alexa directly through the Amazon Echo column. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

According to Amazon, it will save you from any records and transcripts of everything you said to Alexa that day, as well as Alexa’s reaction to your requests and commands.

Remove Voice Recordings using  the Alexa App

If you just want to select specific entries for deletion, rather than deleting everything you said to your Echo speaker on the last day, you can do this through the Amazon Alexa application

  1. go to Settings
  2. select Alexa Privacy
  3. click View Voice History  This will show you a list of all the requests that you made using the Echo speaker.
  4. Select the entries you want to delete or click Delete all entries for today to get rid of with just one click.

Remove the entire history including the commands in Amazon Echo

If you want to remove all the commands that you gave to your Amazon Echo since its first setup, the best thing to do is to open a web browser and go to your Amazon account.

  1. Login to Amazon account
  2. click Your devices and content
  3. select your Echo speaker from the list
  4. Click Delete Voice Recordings.
  5. You will be shown a warning message. If you are sure to proceed, click Delete.

It is important to note that none of these methods guarantee the complete deletion of your records from Amazon servers, and third parties may have their own copies. According to Amazon, this may include requests related to a transaction, such as “pizza order or greeting,” – Alexa skill developers, who may be third-party companies such as Dominoes or Uber, can keep track of this transaction if they choose to do so.

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