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How to disable video autoplay in web browser

web browser disable video autoplay

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While working, I like to keep my headphone turned on most of the time either taking online calls, listening to music or audio tutorials. By doing so, I frequently come across a nuisance. It’s the automatic playing of videos when I visit some websites. Some of these websites may have videos which might be related to news, advertisements and even worse promotion for porn videos. Sudden sound from these videos may startle you especially if the headphone is kept at a higher volume.

Another problem with allowing these videos to autoplay is the loss of precious data. Without your knowledge, these videos consume data leading to unnecessary data wastage. Here is how to disable audio and video autoplay in web browsers.

Disable video autoplay in Google Chrome

  • Disable Flash using extensions
    Not much websites support the use of Flash videos now. But some websites still use it. The only solution is to disable Flash much effectively using suitable extensions. Extensions like Flashcontrol and Flash Block Plus are used to block these flash videos.
  • Disable HTML5 autoplay
    Flash is out of fashion and not recommended anymore. More websites now use the latest HTML version 5. HTML5 is advanced and have inbuilt support for displaying and autoplay video content. Use extensions like Autoplay HTML 5 and Disable Youtube HTML5 Player.

Disable video autoplay in Firefox

  • Disable Flash using extensions
    Like Chrome, Firefox also have the problem with Flash. This can be prevented using extensions like FlashStopper and Flash Control.
  • Disable HTML5 autoplay
    Type about:config in address bar and hit enter -> Use the search option on the top to search for media.autoplay.enabled. Double click on it and change the value to false.
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