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How to disable Windows 10 autoplay

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By default Windows have autoplay feature enabled. This feature allow Windows to display a notification window on what action to take like autoplay or browse files etc. Even though it is convenient for most users to open external device, some might find it nuisance. For instance, I play around with lot of pen drives and external drives while working.  Having the window pop up every time is nuisance. So I prefer to have it disabled.

Advantage of disabling Autoplay

  • Users are informed when a device is connected to your computer. Once connected, it needs your permission to continue working.
  • Allowing Autoplay can be a security threat. If the external device have an infected file, the Autoplay feature may allow it to work without permission.

Disable Autoplay from Settings in Windows 10

  • Press Windows Key + I to open settings window
  • Click Device -> Autoplay
  • Turn off Use Autoplay for all media and devices
windows 10 disable autoplay

Disable Autoplay using Control Panel in Windows 10

Configuring AutoPlay using this method give you more control, even configure what to do for each content type.

  • Use Windows Key + R to open Run window
  • Type control panel in Run window
  • Click AutoPlay
  • Go through the entire list and choose what to do with each media.
Windows 10 disable autoplay
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