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How to disable YouTube autoplay in iPhone

iPhone disable video autoplay

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When you play YouTube normally, it automatically adds related videos to the list placed near the window. This is to tempt and encourage YouTube viewers to watch more videos and spend more time on their website thereby increasing the popularity and advertisement income.

Later, YouTube started automatically playing the related videos one by one, once you are finished watching the current one. This is done using the autoplay feature in YouTube.

Why disable autoplay feature in YouTube

Related Videos are not always accurately related videos to what you were watching. Surprisingly, a lot of users find it irritating. They would rather manually find and watch videos than YouTube recommending what to watch. They would like to have the autoplay disabled.

If you forget to close the YouTube video, autoplay will continue to play related video without you noticing it. This can lead to huge data consumption. Users who frequently depend on mobile internet connection is recommended to have the autoplay disabled.

How to disable YouTube autoplay in iPhone

To disable autoplay, you need to make sure the latest version of YouTube is installed on your iPhone. Any version equal to 11.7 or higher supports disabling autoplay.

  1. Open YouTube App
  2. Play a video
  3. Under the video and description, just above similar videos, there is an option Next under which there is an AutoPlay button. Disable it.

Once the autoplay is disabled, you won’t have videos playing back to back. From now, once you finish watching a video, the next video will only be played if you manually click on play.

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