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How to display Photos as slideshow on your PC

windows photos slideshow

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Photos are windows to the past. Watching these pictures displayed as a slide show is something that we all enjoy. The same can be done on your PC.

How to display photos as slideshow

In Windows 7

  1. Open the photo folder
  2. On the top left side, click Slide show

In Windows 8 and 10

  1. Open the Photo folder
  2. Click Manage Tab on the top
  3. Click Slide Show

windows 10 photos slide show
Once the slideshow is started, the photos will be displayed in full screen. By default, these photos will be displayed with a 5 second lag between each photo. If you want to control when the photo gets changed, you can do it manually by simply pressing spacebar which acts as a play and pause button.

Configure the speed of slideshow

windows photos slideshow
Right click on picture, while it is in slideshow, Select any one Slide show speed

  • Slide Show Speed – Slow : 10 secs between each photos
  • Slide Show Speed – Medium: 5 secs between photos (default setting)
  • Slide Show Speed – Fast: 3 secs between photos

Shuffle or Loop

Right click on the photos when Slide show is on, there are options to turn on shuffle and loop.

If you turn the shuffle on, the pictures will be displayed in no particular order. If the loop is turned on, the pictures will be displayed in a never-ending loop. If you wish, you can have both options turned on at same time.

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To come out of the slideshow, simply press Esc button.

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