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How to find and remove duplicate files using Ccleaner

ccleaner duplicate file finder

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We live in the information age where there is no shortage of information that can be downloaded and stored inside your computer. The popularity and increased availability of high-speed internet allow users to download large sized HD movies, YouTube and music videos. Digital cameras and mobile phones made it easy to capture high-quality digital images and videos and easily transfer to hard disk for storage. All these factors have led to increased demand in storage space.

Modern Hard disks are capable of holding a lot of information. 1 TB of hard disk space is now the standard when you buy a new hard disk or computer. But it seems, no amount of storage space is enough to store all your files.

There are multiple methods to free hard disk space inside your computer. One of the factors is the presence of duplicate files. It is possible that you may have copied the same files again and again to different locations. For e.g., I regularly transfer files between 3 external disks. At some point, it is possible that I may have copied the same file in different locations. If you suspect you may have a lot of duplicated files, use the duplicate file finder and remove duplicate files.

In this tutorial, we will use the Duplicate Finder that comes with Ccleaner software to find and remove duplicate files. Ccleaner is one of the must-have software if you use the Windows Operating System.

How to use Duplicate Finder

  1. Open Ccleaner. If not installed, download the free version of software from this link.
  2. On the left pane, click Tools > Duplicate Finder
  3. Under Duplicate Finder, you can select which drives needs to be scanned. You can also set other attributes like read-only files, hidden files, files above certain size etc to narrow down searches.
  4. Then select Search
  5. Once the scan is complete, select the files which need to be removed
  6. Click Delete Selected

Warning: Do not remove any system files or application files. If you find duplicate files for exe or DLL files, investigate before taking any action. It is recommended to skip these files and proceed with media or doc files.
ccleaner duplicate finder scan
ccleaner duplicate finder

Try this on your computer and let me know the feedback.

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