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How to find the right screen protector for your smartphone

smartphone screen protector tips

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Smartphones are expensive. One of the first component that is likely to get damaged is your smartphone screen. A small scratch or break on the screen is enough to destroy a good user experience. Even if you want to change the screen, it is going to cost at least a third of the cost of the smartphone.

Advancement in screen technology have given us Gorilla Glass which is pretty hard and scratch resistant. If you have a smartphone which is less than 3-4 yrs old, you might have a phone with Gorilla Glass. The latest Gorilla Glass 3 is 40% more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass 2. Gorilla Glass is scratch resistant in most cases such as metals, common household items, accidental drop etc. But it still is not 100% scratch free. Sand which can get into your pocket after a visit from the beach is enough to scratch your Gorilla Glass screen.

For these reasons, a screen protector has become a mandatory accessory when you buy a new phone, especially if it’s an expensive one.

The main type of screen protectors – Plastic screen protectors and Tempered glass screen protectors.

Plastic screen protectors

Plastic screen coating is not popular anymore. It is now getting almost wiped out from the market mainly because of the following disadvantages.

  • Plastic screens are prone to getting peeled out and develop bubble inside after some time
  • Heat developed from smartphones can deteriorate the plastic coating
  • Plastic can develop discoloration after a period resulting in deterioration of display preventing true colors from getting displayed
  • Plastic screen protectors may protect from scratches, but it provides less protection to the original smartphone screen from shattering when dropped.
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Glass screen protectors

Glass screen protectors are costlier than Plastic. The price can vary a lot in glass screens depending on the quality and technologies applied to it.

Glass screen protectors are made using tempered glass. These are made under controlled chemical and thermal treatments. The glass is heated to high temperature and then rapidly cooled to make the glass 5 to 10 times stronger than normal glass.

Pros of Glass screen protectors

  • Glass screens are more durable
  • Glass screens are highly scratch resistant even to pointed sharp objects
  • When dropped from a severe height, the glass screen absorbs the shock and shatter into pieces. But the original display will remain intact.
  • Glass screens look more natural on top of smartphone screens than a plastic coating.
  • Glass screens are easier to clean. The oleophobic coating repels the oil in your finger, thereby reducing the chances of getting fingerprint. Even if you get fingerprints, you can simply wipe it out with a quick swipe using a microfiber cloth. You can simply dust the dirt out on glass coating.
  • Glass coating don’t get discoloration as against plastic coating. This way you get the same colors, sharpness and image quality from the smartphone screen.

Features to look for in a Glass Screen Protector

  1. Buy Glass Screen Protector which is made for your smartphone model. These protectors are specially molded for each model to allow exposing the speakers or camera.
  2. Glass screen protectors come in different price range. Buy good quality screen protectors even if it costs more. If there is a model recommended by mobile manufacturer or made by them, it might be the best pick.
  3. The glass can be as thick as 0.5 mm to 0.1 mm. Thinner the protector, it responds well to touchscreen.
  4. Confirm the screen protector is 2.5 D 9-10 H hardness
  5. Check if the screen is Oleophobic coating to repel oils which means no fingerprint issues
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Hope you find the information useful. Use the comment screen for feedback and sharing your experience.

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  • Orion Hopper January 30, 2017, 2:55 am

    After bought a smartphone the next step will how you maintained its as you are saying in your post that in the smartphone the screen is most important part if any scratch will make then may it totally destroy the phone so it’s very important for all the smartphone users. I bought an expensive phone in before 7 days & my friend suggested me to go for the screen protector from “mobansp” online store as he experience is very good on that. Thanks for your post. I am waiting for your next updates.

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