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How to fix Android device not waking up problem

fix Android not waking up

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One common problem with Android device is when it fails to wake up automatically. Normally, the device wakes up when a phone call, message, alert or scheduled task is activated. Failing to wake up normally can be a software or hardware problem. Software problems are easy to fix, but hardware problems mostly end up replacing a component or sending for tech shop repair.

Step by step method to check the cause for Android not waking up properly

  1. Check for problems with battery:

Check if the battery is properly charged.
Check if the problem is with the battery. If you have a spare battery, use it or put the suspected battery on another device and check if it does the same.


  • Fully charge the battery and check if the problem persists
  • Replace the battery and check if that fixes the problem
  1. Check the screens

It is possible that your Android device is still working, but you can’t see the screens or the LED lights because of problems with physical connectivity.


  • These problems can only be worked out by giving the phone for tech shop repair.
  • If you have important files that need to be backed up, try connecting the device to your computer using cable connection and then backup files.
  1. Check for Software problems

If you are able to see the screen and work normally after coming out of the waking stage, this problem is a software problem

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  • Most software problems can be fixed by a simple restart. Make sure to turn off the device completely and then turn it on. Check if the problem gets repeated.
  • Check if there is any firmware update from the manufacturer
  • Check if any recently installed App is responsible for the problem. Uninstall the suspicious App and check if the problem is solved. You may also try restarting Android in Safe mode to confirm if the problem is with third party Apps.
  • If nothing works, reset your phone to manufacturer settings. The problem might be a corrupted operating system.
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