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How to fix Android touch screen not working properly

fix Android touch screen not working

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This is your worst case scenario. Your touch screen phone suddenly stopped working. Most of the mobile phone these days are touch screen phones. Everything right from locking to unlocking, entering data and opening data is all done using the touch screen. So when touch not working properly, there is nothing much you can. However, there are a few steps that could be tried to get the screen fixed.

Here are a few steps to try if your touch screen stopped working in Android phone

  1. Restart your Android device

Most issues related to touch screen can be fixed by a simple restart. Now when I mean restart, it is not just turning off and turning on the device. Open the casing and take the battery out. This is to make sure the electrical charge is completely drained out of your Android. Wait for a couple of minutes, then start the device.

Note: If you find any kind of liquid spill inside the device, go to step 5 directly for fixing the problem.

If your device has a non-removable battery, turn off the device and keep it turned off much longer to allow draining the charges.

Check if the problem is fixed.

  1. Disconnect all add-on devices

If your Android device is connected to any device, disconnect it. Take off all memory cards, SIM cards, screen guards and smart cases. Any accessories that are not part of your Android device should be disconnected for troubleshooting purpose. Restart your device and check if the problem is solved.

  1. Restart Android in Safe Mode

Chances are Android is facing the problem because of software problems. These software’s include third party software which might be poorly coded and is conflicting with Android OS. There is also a chance of malicious Apps creating the problem. When Android is started in Safe mode, it automatically disables most third party software and malicious Apps.

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If the touch screen works fine in Safe Mode, it means these third party software or malicious Apps is responsible for freezing the screen. Go through the list of Apps and remove any suspicious and unwanted Apps.

Here is a detailed article on starting Android in Safe Mode.

  1. Reset your Android Phone

If the safe mode cannot help, the only solution might be a hard reset. Doing a reset will wipe out all data inside your device and take it to the original manufacturer settings. So, if you have data already backed up or don’t mind losing information, then go for a reset of your Android device. If you have data that needs to be backed up and don’t want to try a reset, you should take the device to a tech shop for getting the device repaired without reset.

The process of reset might vary for devices based on the models and brands. The usual procedure is using the volume up or down button combined with the power button should initiate a reset. Check the manufacturer instructions for more details.

  1. Check for water spill inside the phone

Open the casing and check for liquid spilled inside the device.  If there are signs of liquid spillage, do not turn on the device as it may short the electrical circuit which may permanently damage the device.

  • Use a clean dry cotton cloth to wipe out excess water
  • Turn the device upside down to allow water to drain out which can be wiped out
  • Keep your device soaked in bags of Silica gel for a day to encourage the absorption of moisture.
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After making sure there is no more moisture left, turn the device on and check if the touch screen works fine.

  1. Tech shop repair

If none of the steps above worked, it is time to take the device for a tech shop repair. Make sure to carry documents if your device is eligible for guarantee or warranty.

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