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Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 and 8

troubleshoot Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 and 8

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With release of every new version of Windows, the operating system is getting more stable with less errors and less compatibility problems. But still the error happens. One of the most notorious errors that Windows is notorious is the blue screen error commonly called BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death. As the name suggests, it is a Blue screen with lot of information written in English but looks cryptic. Here is some information on how to handle blue screen error.

What is Blue Screen Error?

Blue Screen is a Windows error which is triggered when there is a catastrophic hardware or software failure. The error is triggered to make sure it won’t do further damage to your computer or operating system. The blue screen contains lot of information. It might look complicated. But if you look close, it will show you error code and some words associated with it. Based on the error code, it gives you a general idea on what is the problem and most probably how to fix it.

Blue screen can happen at different time

  • Blue screen happens within seconds after turning on the computer. This is usually a driver or hardware error. These errors won’t go away unless you fix the cause of problem.
  • Blue screen error while working on the computer. These errors may or may not be intermittent and sometimes hard to fix. Most of these errors is related to hard drive or software.
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Possible Reasons for a Blue Screen Error

Blue screen errors can happen because of software or hardware. However, Blue screen error is notoriously associated with driver problems.

  • Driver problems – Installing a new driver, a corrupted driver or updating an existing driver can create Blue screen error. Out of all the drivers, drivers related to graphics card creates more error. Find the corrupted driver, re-install or disable will fix most problems.
  • Software that makes Windows unstable can cause this problem. Usually the software that you installed recently or the security software is the one that create most problems.
  • Faulty hardware components such as RAM, Hard drive can force Windows into Blue Screen of Death
  • Presence of malicious software and virus can cause Blue screen error
  • Overheating of hardware components such as Processor or Graphics Card can also trigger this error
  • There are some joke programs created for the purpose of deceiving users. Most of these are exe or screen saver files. Once activated, it will show a blue screen which makes the user believe the PC has crashed. When actually, it is just a screen which will go away on pressing ESC key.

Some common Blue Screen Error

  • 0x0000000A: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

This is driver related error. Find out the faulty driver, remove it, restart and everything should work fine.

  • 0x0000002E: DATA_BUS_ERROR

This is most probably a faulty RAM. Faulty RAM don’t always mean a faulty RAM literally. Before thinking of replacing the RAM, you may also try taking out the RAM, clean the RAM slots, put it back and check if everything is working fine.

  • 0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
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This is mostly related to file system errors. Do a check disk scan and check if the problem is fixed. There are also some virus and malware which can corrupt the file system. Keep your computer virus and malware free. If that don’t work, your hard drive might be damaged and maybe it’s time to replace it.


This might be an error related to boot sector virus corrupting the MBR (Master Boot Record) or an incorrect BIOS settings. You can go to BIOS settings and use the load default settings. This will put your BIOS back to default. Check if that fix the issue. If not, run a virus scan from a bootable media and remove it.


This error indicate a probable problem with a PC component. Start by checking the RAM. Also check if the error is caused by any external device connected to the system.

Use the comment section if you have any further queries.

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