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How to fix unknown device Windows 10

windows 10 unknown device in device manager

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A device driver is a software that enables a device to communicate with the Operating system. If a device driver for a particular device fails to install or get corrupted, that device won’t work as it cannot communicate with the operating system.

To find the list of all devices and check if the drivers are installed, you need to check Device Manager. You can open Windows 10 device manager in two ways.

  • Right click on This PC -> Manage -> Device Manager
  • Press Windows Key + R for opening the Run window. Type devmgmt.msc for opening Device Manager.

How the Device drivers normally get installed on your computer

  1. Windows 10 Installation

Windows 10 is packed with support for more devices than its predecessor Windows 8.1. With every new release and update, Microsoft includes drivers for new devices. This means when the operating system is installed, Windows will automatically scan all connected devices, check if it has compatible drivers for these devices in its database and then installs the driver.

Once the Windows 10 installation is complete, check device manager to see if all the drivers are installed.

  • If you have an unknown device listed in the device driver, it means Windows doesn’t have any idea about the device. Windows need you to find the device and install the driver for the device.
  • If you have a yellow question mark, it means Windows did recognize the device but don’t have a driver for it. Windows want you to install the driver for the device.
  1. Device Driver Disk Installation

To install the driver that is not automatically detected by Windows 10, you need to get the help of device driver installation disk. Device driver installation disk is provided by hardware manufacturer at the time of purchase. If you don’t have a device driver disk, don’t worry. You can go to the computer manufacturer website and download the drivers for these devices.

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After installing these drivers, check if the yellow exclamation and unknown device message is gone from the Device Manager. If the message is still there, you might be installing the wrong drivers for the devices. Find the right one and install.

How to Install driver for unknown devices

It is possible that you may not be able to fix the unknown device. One reason is that you don’t understand which device is it talking about. Another reason is that you failed to get the right driver from the manufacturer website. Here is an effective way to narrow down the identity of device driver details, download the driver and install it.

  • Right click on Unknown Device -> Click Properties
  • Click Details Tab
  • Under Property, use the drop-down window to select Hardware Ids
  • Note the value which contains the Vendor and Developer ID
  • Use the value to do a google search and download the driver

windows 10 device manager driver vendor idIn this case, I did a search with the value HDAUDIO\ FUNC_01& VEN_1002&DEV_AA01&SUBSYS_00AA0100&REV_1003 and got this search results. The driver for my device is AMD High Definition Audio Device Driver.
windows 10 search for unknown device

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