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How to get rid of Facebook Timeline Layout?

remove facebook timeline

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Facebook recently forced its Timeline layout for all its users. But many users still preferred the old facebook layout without the Timeline. Unfortunately, there is no option to remove Facebook timeline from your layout. However there is an add-on available for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari to disable the Timeline layout. The add-on is available at www.timelineremove.com. Once installed, you will be able to view your facebook profile and your friends profile without facebook timeline layout. You can also disable the add-on if you want to visit the timeline.

How to disable Facebook Timeline Layout?

  • Select the browser of your choice.
  • Install it
  • Open facebook account. Click Home drop down window on the right side.
remove Facebook Timeline Layout
  • Select Timeline Remove settings
remove Facebook Timeline Layout
  • You can enable or disable timeline by clicking on the status. You can also uninstall the add-on from there.
remove Facebook Timeline Layout

Hope this article helped you in viewing facebook accounts with facebook timeline layout disabled.

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