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How to handle fresh water or salt water liquid damage to iPad/iPhone?

ipad iphone handle fresh water or salt water liquid damage

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Imagine…your iPhone or iPad just ended up in shower or swimming pool. Immediate reaction from most of us it to go hysterical, get the device in your hand and check if it is working fine. The truth is your action at that time will determine if the device can ever be salvaged or not. In this article, we will discuss what needs to be done as soon as fresh water or salt water liquid damage happen to your iPhone/iPad.

How to fix Fresh Water Liquid Damage?

  • Get the device out of water as soon as possible.
  • Unplug the device carefully, if in case it is already plugged in.
  • Never turn on the device. Even though it can be tempting, turning on a wet device can cause short circuits causing irreparable damage.
  • If the device is in a case, remove it. Remove the SIM card.
  • Remove the battery is also a good idea. Beware; removing the battery will void the warranty of the device.
  • Wipe the excess and oozing out liquid using a dry smooth cloth. Turn the device upside down and in all directions to encourage liquid come out of the ports and sockets. Wipe it clean.
  • Get the liquid out of the internal parts. Never use any sort of heat treatment like a hair dryer. This can cause static electricity destroy the internal parts. There is also a practice of socking the wet device in a bowl of uncooked rice. The principle behind is uncooked rice can absorb the moisture. But it leaves the possibility of dust and grain particles enter inside and create more damage to the internal circuits. A better practice is to get silica gel which comes in small packet. Get enough silica gel to cover the entire device and keep it for 24hrs. Silica gel is more efficient in removing moisture.
  • Turn on the device if you are confident. You can also take it to apple store and get it checked by the technicians. Please don’t pretend that the device went wrong suddenly as they have expert devices to detect liquid inside the devices.

How to fix Salt Water Liquid Damage?

Apart from the short circuit damage, salt water is more corrosive to internal components. So it is important to give a quick wash to the device to get rid of the salt water. This has to be done with the device completely turned off. Note: Never allow the salt water to dry inside the device. Time is very important here as salt water does more damage than fresh water.

The remaining steps are the same as what you do for fresh water liquid damage. Remember, salt water liquid damage is likely to create more damage than fresh water liquid damage.

How to get Warranty and Repairs for liquid damage?

secure your iPhone iPadLiquid damage sadly is most likely irreparable. If your device is under AppleCare+ warranty protection, you are covered under liquid damage. Apple will do its best to get back your device, or else will replace you with a similar phone. There are other 3rd party repair services available. Find what you have in your area. Most of them do a diagnostic check initially and let you know if they can get the device running. Take your decision accordingly.


How to protect from fresh water or salt water liquid damage to iPad/iPhone?

We are all humans. Mistakes happen and thing get dropped frequently in spite our best effort not to repeat it. The best we can do is to anticipate it and take necessary precautions. The best way to protect your iPhone or iPad from fresh water or salt water liquid damage is to get a water proof case. Some of these cases not only provide water and shock protection, but also anti-glare screen for proper viewing.

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  • Mariyam Ather February 4, 2017, 10:18 am

    Ho, my dads really upset about his phone, it dropped in a salt water beach for just a second. After that it died. He put it on charge, it turned on but didn’t charge so he had to use a special cord. His phone isn’t charging with its own charger but is charging with the more expensive bill one. He says he can’t keep the expensive charger to be his most used. He really is hurt because his phone has everything and he would like it if it was fixed please try some ways and then please recommend them for me. I just want my dad to be happy. Thank you

    • Anup Raman February 5, 2017, 3:47 am

      Hi Mariyam,

      Greetings to you.

      Did you try the steps here. If not, follow the steps properly. It should be fine.
      If you still have a problem, you might need to take it for repair. Get a check up and ask them to remove the moisture inside properly.
      Hopefully it should get fixed.

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