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How to Increase battery life in iOS device

Increase battery life in iOS device

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Compared to the battery technology in older times, the newer ones are more robust and durable. A little awareness on how the battery is used in your device, it can help you improve battery life. Here is a list on this topic.

How to Increase battery life in iOS device

  1. Keep the battery working

The latest IOS devices use Li-on batteries compared to older nickel-cadmium battery.  The Li-On batteries are different from the older version in the fact that these batteries like to be worked continuously than keeping it pristine by never using it. So, keep working the battery to keep it healthy.

  1. Reduce the number of charging cycles

iOS device manufacturers assure 500 complete discharge and charge cycles. If you charge the battery before reaching anywhere near 50%, it is not considered a full cycle and taken as half cycle. So, do not drain the battery down to zero percent and try to recharge as often as possible when you get the chance.

  1. Do not allow the battery to complete a cycle

Completing a cycle means allowing the battery to discharge completely and then charge again. According to manufacturer, iOS devices are capable of completing up to 500 times. To get the maximum out of your battery, recharge as soon as the battery charge reach around 50%.

  1. Do not work in extreme temperatures

Heat is the main enemy of a battery. Beyond a certain point, the high temperature changes the integrity of the chemicals inside the battery. At lower temperatures, these chemicals stay stable and continue to perform the way it is supposed to work.

  1. Reduce physical damage to your device

The main damage that can happen to your iOS device is when you drop it accidentally. Reduce the physical damage to your device as much as possible. The physical impact can cause the electronic circuit to malfunction and reduce the efficiency of battery.

  1. Use the right charger

Every IOS device comes with a default charger supplied by the manufacturer. If the original charger gets damaged, you have the option to buy a replacement charger from Apple at a higher price or buy a replacement from third party vendor which is more affordable.

The problem with third party vendors that provide chargers are they lack in hardware and they may not be able to provide the charge needed to charge the battery. Less power from the charger leads to more time needed to charge battery. More charge from the charger can change the integrity of chemical reaction and leads to reduced battery life.

  1. Never store the device at full charge

If you are planning not to use your IOS device for some time, you might think of charging the battery to 100% and keep it aside. This is actually bad for your battery life.

It is recommended to keep your battery charged around a minimum of 50%.

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