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How to make Windows Search faster by indexing selected locations

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Windows Search is one of the major feature of Windows operating system. Windows search have improved tremendously since the evolution of improved versions of Windows. With Windows 10, Windows search is now much faster.

However trying to find a file using Windows search won’t necessarily get you the search results. This is because not all file locations are indexed by Windows Search. If a location is not indexed by Windows search, it won’t show the files in that location.

How to index locations for Windows search

  • Press Windows Key + R for Run window
  • Type control panel and click OK to open control panel window
  • Open indexing options
  • Click Modify
  • Select the options that needs to be included for search results. You can even select and unselect folders and sub folders to specify locations. Click OK once the selection is complete.
  • Click Advanced option.
  • Under troubleshooting section, click Rebuild
faster search indexing faster search indexing

Once the rebuild is complete, the search index is modified to add the latest changes. You will be able to search for files specified in the file locations.

How to make Windows search faster

The trick is to only add the locations that are specified in the search location. By only selecting required location, Windows search have only less files indexed which leads to faster search result.

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