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How to move or install Windows 10 Apps in new drive

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Saving hard disk space is rarely a problem especially when it comes to installing Apps. Most windows App don’t consume much space unless it’s a high-end App or game. But for some users, they might come across a situation where they want to free space in the main partition.  This problem is more common in Windows tablet. If there is not enough free space in system partition, you may face problems with installing Windows 10 updates, security software updates etc.

The first step to free disk space is to remove temporary files. Then try to move all media, picture and document files to other drives. If you still need space, the next step is to move existing Apps to a different drive.

How to move installed Apps to a new location

  1. Click Start > Settings > System
  2. Click Apps & features
  3. Click on Any of the App > click Move > Select the drive to move the App

(Note: If Move is greyed out, the App do not support moving to a new drive. This is because the publisher does not support moving the App to a new location. If Modify is listed instead of Move, the App cannot be moved. It can only be modified to allow enable or disable features.)
windows 10 move apps to new drive

How to configure all future Apps to install on another drive

This feature allows future App installations on the selected drive.

  1. Click Start > Settings > System
  2. Click Storage
  3. Select the drive from the drop-down box under the option New apps will save to

(Note: You can also do the same for documents, music, photos, videos and new movies to a new drive.)
windows 10 move apps to new drive

Try this on your device and share your experience below under comments.

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