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How to open Safari in Private Browsing mode

private browsing mode using safari browser

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Every browser now come with private browsing mode. Users prefer Private browsing modes when they don’t want the browser to remember you browsing history, password, cookies etc. Here are some popular browsers and how to enter the private browsing modes.

Internet explorerInPrivate browsing (Go to Tools -> Safety -> InPrivate browsing)
Microsoft EdgeNew InPrivate window (Go to More -> New InPrivate window)
Mozilla FirefoxNew Private browsing (Go to File -> New Private browsing)
Google ChromeNew incognito window (Go to Customize and Control -> New Incognito window)
OperaNew Private window (Go to Menu -> New Private window)

How to open Safari in Private Browsing mode

  1. Open Safari browser
  2. Click File -> Click New Private Window.
    The shortcut key to open the window is Option + Command + N
    To open new Tab, as usual use Command + T

To confirm the window is in Private mode, check the address bar. The address bar will be a dark grey.

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