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How to Print from iPad all versions (Multiple Methods)

Print from iPad without AirPrint support

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Can you print from an iPad? Who wants to take printouts from the iPad? The answer is Yes, it is possible to print from the iPad. As technology and hardware capabilities are increasing, more people are getting used to working simply from their iPads. At times, you might want to print out reports and worksheets. With iPad printer capability, they can simply press the printer icon and you get the document printed.

But printing from an iPad can be a little confusing using Apple’s AirPrint wireless technology. Once you understand the AirPrint

And unless you are familiar with AirPrint, you can initially struggle to find out how to get the job done. What if your printer does not support AirPrint?

Fortunately, we are here to help. Here’s everything you need to know to print directly from the iPad.

  1. How to Print from an iPad – Using AirPrint

First, find out if your printer supports Apple’s proprietary wireless printing technology by going to the official website, where a complete list of compatible devices will tell you everything you need to know. AirPrint is available for both iOS and OS X or macOS as it is soon known.

If you have a printer that plays well with AirPrint, just make sure it is connected to the same network as the iPad you want to print from. In iOS, you can only press the Print button, which appears in applications that support printing, usually above the Share button or in the Share menu.

If you’ve set up the printer correctly, the iPad should find it automatically, and you can just follow the on-screen instructions to print the email, document, or whatever you need to convert to a physical version.

Here’s the process in its simplest form, as explained on the Apple page:

  1. Open the app you want to print from. Find the Print option by touching the app’s delimiter or settings icon. If you cannot find the print option, see the app’s user guide or help section. Not all apps support AirPrint.
  2. Touch the Print icon or Print option.
  3. Select an AirPrint enabled printer.
  4. Select the number of copies.
  5. Press Print.

Everything you choose to print can be viewed using the App Switcher, enabled by double-clicking the Home button and pressing Print Center.

To cancel a print job, click Cancel Printing from the Print Center.

  1. Print from iPad without AirPrint support

What if the Printer doesn’t support AirPrint support? It is still possible. An easy way to get around is to use only a third-party app to connect to wireless printers.

One option when it comes to printing applications is the Print n Share App, which allows you to connect iPad to any wireless printer directly. Plus, it allows you to print via your Mac to a wireless, USB connection or Bluetooth printer. You also have the extra opportunity to print via 3G – a nice touch.

Another decent offer that comes with all the functionality of Print n Share is PrintCentral, which is slightly cheaper than the previous one and does all the same things. Other top printing programs include Printer Pro App, Print Agent PRO for iPad, and on the more affordable page, Printing Tools.

Some of these apps require you to install software on your Mac or PC to use iPad to print from your computers.

Of course, there is the option of using a dedicated app from Printers such as HP ePrint, Xerox Print Portal and Epson iPrint. Using these manufacturer-specific apps should give you an experience that is closer to using AirPrint than it would be with some of the apps mentioned.

  1. How to Print from an iPad – Print Servers

Another approach is to use Mac or PC software that acts as a print server, allowing your Wi-Fi or USB-connected printer to be detected on the iPad. The difference between these programs and some of the programs mentioned in the previous section is that this software is only installed directly on a Mac or PC – so your computer can essentially turn a USB or Wi-Fi connected the printer into an AirPrint enabled device.

Printopia is one of the software that can do the job for you. Simply install the software on your Mac. Launch the program. Simply press print from iPad. The print job will be connected to the print server and then take a printout.

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