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How to Record Skype Calls in Windows

How to Record Skype Calls in Windows

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By default, it is not possible to record Skype calls. Skype have no options to do that. But fortunately, Skype is allowing developers to develop plug-ins that can be used for recording.

Try The MP3 Skype Recorder. This can be downloaded from here. This is a free download which is only 5.2 MB. Download the file. Run the installer.

Once the program is installed, it can be used to record calls. You can set the program to manually record calls or automatically as soon as a Skype call is activated. The recorded calls is saved in compact MP3 format. The file is automatically saved inside the computer which you can backup and keep it for later use. The program can also be activated in conference calls which is very beneficial for official purpose.

There is another voice recorder appropriately named as Parental Skype Recorder. The program is available in life time trial version with limited features and paid full version at £25.

Parental Skype Recorder works the same like MP3 Skype Recorder. The difference is, this program lets you record Skype conversations secretly. The program is automatically set to start as soon as windows start. Since the program don’t show any taskbar notifications or reveal itself openly in any locations, nobody suspects the presence of a recording program running in the background. Only the administrator knows the presence of this program and open it by using a combination of secret keys. This is set by the administrator at the time of installing the program.

Use these programs and let me know how it worked. Use the comment section for feedback.

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