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How to remove Google Redirect Virus from Android

remove google redirect virus from android

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Google redirect virus is one of toughest and most annoying infections malware in recent times. When a device is infected with google redirect virus, it redirects all search results to an advertisement page or a malicious webpage.

In the beginning, Google redirect virus used to be a threat only on PC’s. It usually infects PC’s with windows operating system. Once the smartphones and tablets became common and Android became popular, the malware developers have found new ways to infect your mobile devices.

Unlike Windows, it is difficult to troubleshoot Android. You cannot go to system file locations, look for infected file and remove it. Here are some detailed steps that can be used to remove Google redirect virus.

How to stop redirects on Android device

  1. Remove suspicious looking Apps

You may have installed Apps accidentally which may contain malicious codes. Go through the entire list and remove if you find unrecognized and suspicious Apps.
Go to Settings -> Apps or Applications -> Go through the list of installed Apps -> click on the suspicious App -> Click Uninstall. Once you find any suspicious Apps, click on it and use the uninstall button to remove the App.

Once you finish the step, move to next step.
uninstall android apps remove google redirect virus

  1. Clean cache and temporary files from browser

Delete all cache and temporary files from your Android device. You can use an App cleaning software like CCleaner, 1-Click Cleaner, App Cache Cleaner etc. Once all the temporary files and cache files are removed, you should have the problem gone.

Go to next step if the problem isn’t fixed.
android google redirect virus remove cache temp files

  1. Reset advertising ID on Android

If the above steps didn’t work, try to reset advertising on Android device.

Open settings -> Go to Google -> under services, open Ads -> Click Reset advertising ID. Click OK to confirm reset advertising ID.
How to Reset advertising ID on Android 

android google redirect virus reset advertising id
  1. Reset your Android device

Unlike Windows, In Android you cannot go to file locations, look inside system file locations, locate the infected files and remove it. With the limitation, the next step is to reset Android device to original settings. Before doing a reset, you need to back up important files to be on the safer side.

Open Settings -> Go to Backup and reset -> select Reset settings
It will reset all Android and installed App settings to default. Open and check if the browser is getting redirected.

android google redirect virus reset android settings
  1. Do a Factory Reset

If none of the steps helped, this step surely will fix the problem forever. The last option is to reset your device to original manufacturer settings. It is like wipe out everything and re-install Android from start. This will also wipe out malicious files if any in the process. By doing a factory reset, you will lose data including pics, videos, other files and downloaded Apps. So if you have important files, you need to take a backup before doing this step.

Open Settings -> Go to Backup and reset -> select Factory data reset

Hope this article helped you remove google redirect virus from Android.

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