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How to Save a Wet Mobile Phone?

how to save wet mobile phone

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This one is everybody’s nightmare. Spilling a cup of tea or your favorite drink on your mobile phone, accidentally dropping in toilet or a bath of water can happen anytime to anyone. The biggest danger of spilling liquid inside an electronic device is when it creates short circuits inside the electronic board frying the entire electronic circuitry. Rarely do you end up with just a couple of component damaged and it can be retrieved by replacing the damaged part. But mostly, it is better to buy a new one than getting the device repaired as it cost almost the value of the device. Follow these steps to protect your mobile phone or atleast minimize damage as soon as your mobile device gets wet.

  1. Retrieve the device from the wet place right away. The more it is exposed to wetness, more chance for damage to the device.
  2. Never turn it on to check if it is working. Sure, it is tempting to check if the device is still working, but switching on can cause short circuits permanently damaging the device.
  3. Take out the battery. This is to ensure that no power flows to the device causing short circuit. But in case if the device is using a non-replaceable battery, you will have to risk checking it out by pressing the button and turn it off immediately if it is turned on.
  4. Remove all the peripherals such as phone casing, earphone, USB device etc.
  5. Remove SIM card and if there is any SD cards and keep these ports open. This is to facilitate maximum exposure to ventilation
  6. Use a dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible from the exposed parts.
  7. Put the mobile phone on any desiccant material which has hygroscopic property to attract moisture. An e.g., put the mobile phone inside a bowl of dry uncooked rice. Got this idea from a blog on gadgets and it had lot of comments from people who had success doing it. Another method is to use silica bags or pouches and put it inside an airtight container for 48-72hrs. It is worth the wait as there is a risk of short circuit if the moisture is still inside.
  8. Once you are confident enough that it is completely dried, turn it on.

Hope this helps to bring back your wet mobile phone. Good Luck.

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