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How to speed up Windows 10 context menu?

Windows 10 context menu speed up

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Context menu is what you get when you right click on desktop and the menu that pops up with options to arrange files and folder icons, create new folders, shortcut etc. The menu makes your job easier by doing certain tasks without going to other locations.

One problem commonly reported about context menu is, sometimes it is too slow to respond to right click. A corrupted operating system might create such a problem which rarely happens. The most common reason is problem with graphics card.

Here is how to speed up Windows 10 context menu

  • Press Windows Key + R for Run Window
  • Type regedit. This will open Registry windows.
  • Browse to the value HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ Directory\ Background\ shellex\ ContextMenuHandlers
  • Check the entries under ContextMenuHandlers.
  • If the graphics card in your device is Intel, you might find an folder ‘igfxcui’ or ‘igfxDTCM’
    If the graphics card is NVIDIA, the folder is ‘NcCplDesktopContext’
  • Right click and delete the folder. Close Registry editor
  • Restart computer and check if the problem is solved.

This should get your problem fixed. In case if the above steps failed, you may suspect a third party software messing with Windows 10 files or the operating system files got corrupted. In first case, you need to uninstall a recently installed software or undo any changes that you made to the computer recently. For corrupted software, you need to reset windows 10 to original settings or do a clean installation.

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