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How to Sync iTunes with Android device?

Sync iTunes with Android device

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There are not much alternatives to iTunes for its ability to store and keep control of your music collection. It easily sync with any of the Apple device from iPhone to Apple TV. But unfortunately iTunes don’t mix up with a lot of non Apple hardware. So if you have an Android device and wish to sync iTunes, it was impossible. Not anymore. Find out how to sync iTunes with Android device and play it.

TuneSync is the app that made it all possible. You need to install it on a server or PC, then install it on your Android device and then sync it over Wi-Fi.

  1. Download TuneSync

TuneSync needs to be installed both as a server and as an app. The server is installed on a PC or Mac Machine. The app is installed on your Android device. This can be downloaded from http://tunesync.com/.

  1. Setup TuneSync Server

Open TuneSync Server when you are ready to sync with iTunes. You can create a separate playlist to Sync with Android.

  1. Open TuneSync App

Open TuneSync App installed on your Android. It will automatically find your iTunes on your server using the Wi-Fi connection. You will then be asked to select the playlist that you would like to sync. Make sure you have enough storage space on your Android before copying everything.

  1. Enable Sync

Go to the main menu. Select Enable Sync and Wireless Sync. Scroll down and tap Sync now. This should start copying music wirelessly. The music will appear automatically on your phone with even the pictures if included.

Hope the instructions are clear and you are able to sync your iTunes collection with Android device.

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