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How to turn on and turn off Internet Explorer Accelerator?

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Internet Explorer accelerator is a feature introduced in Internet Explorer with the release of version 8 (IE8). This feature allows you to select a particular text from a webpage and then you use it for mapping, translate, email or share it with just one click. If you are not sure what I am talking about, refer to the picture below.

Now, I hope you remember the screen which pops up whenever you select a text in a webpage using Internet Explorer. For some advanced users, they may find this option very helpful.  But yes, it might look a nuisance if you don’t intend to use this feature in internet explorer. You can turn on or turn it off according to your needs.

How to turn on and turn off internet explorer accelerator?

1) Click Start –> Run –> gpedit.msc
Internet Explorer Accelerator turn on and turn off


2) In the open “Local Policy Group Editor” window, expand User Configuration –> Administrative Templates–> Windows Components –>Internet Explorer –> Accelerators

Internet Explorer Accelerator turn on and turn off


3) Double click and open “Turn off Accelerators”

Internet Explorer Accelerator turn on and turn off


4) Select Turn on/ Turn off according to your requirement. By default, it is set as “Not configured”

internet explorer accelerator turn on and turn off

Microsoft is now equipped with a gallery of Internet Explorer add-ons. This is really good considering the fact that these add-ons are from Microsoft and it should not be creating any compatibility or performance issue with the web browser. Microsoft will be releasing Internet explore 10 very soon, most probably along with the release of Windows 8. With IE 10, Microsoft is adding a lot of functionality to its web browser to hold its place in the highly competitive fight between web browsers. There are a lot of different add-ons available now and more will be added in the future which allows you to find the required one according to your needs. You can check this link for finding the add-ons for Internet Explorer accelerator.

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