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HTC Desire 12+ Review and Buyer’s Guide

HTC Desire 12+ Review and Buyer's Guide

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HTC may struggle to compete with rivals in the high end of the smartphone market with the U12 Plus, but maybe it can win some hearts with a new budget phone. We are pleased that the Desire brand, introduced way back in 2010, is still here.

HTC Desire 12+ Design

The Desire range has changed a lot over the past eight years, but Desire 12 looks a lot like the latest rivals. In fact, Desire 12+ looks a lot like its main rival, The Honor 9 Lite.

The location of the fingerprint scanner is convenient and the cameras are nicely made in the corner. If that is a concern, we suggest you choose the black model that hides them better.

There is little else to say about the design as the Desire 12+ is a fairly common handset beyond the shiny rear cover.

HTC has created it in an 8.4 mm chassis and the phone weighs only 157g. At the bottom of the phone, there is a headphone jack, a speaker and a micro USB port.

HTC Desire 12+ Screen

As is typical of a budget phone, Desire 12+ uses an IPS LCD screen so you have to spend more to get the LED.

The screen is large at 6 and, as mentioned earlier, the small frames do not feel like a handful. Although there is plenty of space and 18: 9 format trend, the display is not the best.

At HD +, it’s 720 × 1440 which wouldn’t be a shame for a budget phone a while ago.

HTC Desire 12+ Review and Buyer's Guide

HTC Desire 12+ Processing Power

The smartphones processing power comes from Qualcomm’s lower-level Snapdragon 450 processors.

It’s a fairly normal 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage and you get a microSD card to add more storage – up to 2TB in theory.

Like many budget phones, the performance is generally quite smooth but it is not perfect. The decent benchmarks do not show what it is like to use a phone in every way. If performance is important, consider going a little over the budget line with a phone like the Moto G6.

HTC Desire 12+ Connection

It is quite normal for budget phones to have fingerprint scanners now and Desire 12+ has one on the back. But when it comes to other features and connectivity things have not moved on much.

The phone comes with a  standard set of wireless tech including Bluetooth 4.1, single-band 11b / g / n Wi-Fi, GPS and 4G LTE.

HTC Desire 12+ Camera

Even though you don’t have things like USB-C, photography is one of the best things for any consumer who buys a phone, so a large portion of the budget is spent on cameras instead.

The front-rear camera is 12MP with a secondary 2MP camera on the side.

A depth effect is nice to have but we are not exactly blown away by the cameras on the phone. Even in good light conditions, photos tend to look dull and the phone fights in both macro and low light.

Although the Honor 9 Lite has a dual camera set on the front and makes a total of four cameras, the Desire 12+ only has a traditional single lens.

HTC Desire 12+ Review and Buyer's Guide

HTC Desire 12+ Battery Life

Budget phones are still pretty basic on the front of the battery. The battery is a fairly medium-sized 2965mAh battery that will get most users on a regular day.

HTC Desire 12+ Software

In terms of software, Desire 12+ has a fairly updated 8.0 Oreo version of Android.

While a lot of elements are the same as, or similar to, the stock Android we love, there are a number of areas we are not so keen on.

There are also various things – like HTC Clock and Messages apps – that look very dated and need an overview to look modern and fresh.

One of the latest additions is the HTC Sense Companion – a kind of AI assistant – designed to help you with various things like energy saving.

HTC Desire 12+  Price

Desire 12 comes in two versions and we are looking at the bigger plus model here.  It’s an affordable phone, and the regular Desire 12 is even cheaper at £ 149 if you’re strapped for cash. There is fierce competition in this price range.

HTC Desire 12+ Conclusion

HTC probably has a better chance of doing well in the budget market compared to the high-end right now. The phone looks and feels pretty nice and is impressively comfortable to use for a handset with a 6-inch screen.

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